Grand Expo Ural

18-21 September 2018, Ekaterinburg

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First Deputy Chairman of the Government of the Sverdlovsk region

Dear GRAND EXPO-URAL exhibitors!

On behalf of the Government of the Sverdlovsk region and personally, I am pleased to greet the exhibitors, organizers and visitors to the International specialized exhibitions LESPROM-URAL Professional, EXPOMEBEL-URAL, AQUAPROM-URAL and UTILIZATION!

Maintenance and careful use of forest resources, innovative development of woodworking and furniture manufacturing sectors, competent waste management and environmental safety of the Ural region are the basis for the development of the Sverdlovsk region economy, therefore, the Sverdlovsk region Government pays particular attention to these areas.

GRAND EXPO-URAL promotes modern innovative technologies of forest management and timber harvesting, HVAC&R equipment and industrial and household waste management which is among crucial environmental challenges.

As we all know, the Sverdlovsk region traditionally has strong links with foreign countries. And GRAND EXPO-URAL, the autumn week of specialized exhibitions and international forums, proves it once again. In 2017, the exhibition brought together more than 200 companies, 40 Russian cities and 15 foreign countries (incl. Germany, Austria, Finland, Sweden, Poland, Slovenia, Belarus etc.).

During these exhibitions, Ural companies could meet their foreign colleagues and partners at the Matchmaking event, and a leading Swiss industrial park developer will share its business experience acquired both in Russia and abroad.

These exhibitions have become a traditional September highlight and annually gather at one venue governmental officials and representatives of the regional business, science and industry. The event-packed business program of the exhibitions will help the participants and visitors to establish and strengthen their business relations, to get to know brand-new equipment for forestry, timber-processing and furniture industries, as well as other industries presented at the exhibitions.

I wish all of you to get interesting experience and accomplish new promising projects!

Head of Ekaterinburg City Administration

I am delighted to welcome participants, guests and organizers of four International specialized exhibitions all together – LESPROM-URAL Professional, EXPOMEBEL-URAL, AQUAPROM-URAL and UTILIZATION.

GRAND EXPO-URAL Week of specialized exhibitions in Ekaterinburg is a large-scale event attracting a lot of specialists and professionals to the capital city of the Ural region. Without exaggeration, we can call this event an indicator of the current condition of the industry, because every year we demonstrate here our professional successes, achievements and innovations, strengthen existing business relations and build new ones. Moreover, this is an important strategic step in the development of our region.

I wish the organizers, exhibitors, and guests of the exhibitions to have a productive, interesting and creative experience, successfully implement the set plans and strengthen partnership ties!

Generalkonsul der Bundesrepublik Deutschland in Jekaterinburg

Sehr geehrte Aussteller und Besucher der „LESPROM-URAL Professional“,

ich heiße Sie auf der „LESPROM-URAL Professional“ auf dem internationalen Messegelände „Jekaterinburg EXPO“ herzlich willkommen! Diese junge Fachmesse findet erst zum vierten Mal statt, hat sich aber dennoch bereits einen festen Platz im Messekalender verdient und zieht stets neue Aussteller und Besucher aus der ganzen Welt an. Diese Fachmesse hat eine große Bedeutung, speziell für das Gebiet östlich des Urals aber auch für die russische Holzindustrie insgesamt. Wir wissen, dass der Föderationskreis Ural über etwa 10 % der russischen Holzreserven verfügt.

Die LESPROM erhielt ein moderneres Gesicht und erfuhr eine Aufwertung durch die Kooperation mit der Deutschen Messe AG, Hannover. Bereits im Jahr 2013 unterzeichneten die Deutsche Messe AG und der örtliche Messeveranstalter MWK-Ural einen Kooperationsvertrag für die weiteren LESPROM-Messen.

Die zurückliegenden Jahre waren für die deutsch-russischen Wirtschaftsbeziehungen eine Herausforderung. Mittlerweile hat sich die russische Wirtschaft erholt und für das Jahr 2017 werden Wachstumsraten von bis zu 2% prognostiziert. Die deutsch-russische Handelsbeziehungen haben sich positiv entwickelt und verzeichneten im ersten Halbjahr eine deutliche Steigerung.

Heute zieht die Messe Aussteller aus 15 Ländern an, unter ihnen auch Weltmarktführer aus Deutschland, die ihr Know-how hier im Ural präsentieren. Ich bin mir sicher, dass sich die bilateralen Geschäfte und Kontakte weiter positiv entwickeln werden.

Für den nachhaltigen Beitrag, den Sie für die Weiterentwicklung der deutsch-russischen Wirtschaftsbeziehungen leisten, möchte ich den Organisatoren und Teilnehmern der Messe von deutscher und russischer Seite ganz herzlich danken. Ich wünsche Ihnen eine erfolgreiche Messe mit vielen interessanten Gesprächen und neuen Kontakten.

Director of the Forestry Department for the Ural Federal District

Dear colleagues, ladies and gentlemen!

I am sincerely glad to meet you at our regular specialized exhibition LESPROM-URAL Professional. Over the past time, the professional forestry community has accumulated certain experience in terms of solving current tasks, and formulated topical issues that require discussion and new ways of cooperation. This is particularly timely during the Year of Ecology in Russia.

Today, 8 investment projects are being implemented in the territory of the Ural Federal District. Timber harvesting and processing enterprises have all the possibilities for the careful and sustainable use of forest resources in Russian regions. In the framework of GRAND EXPO-URAL Week, on 19 September, we are holding an expanded meeting dedicated to the current changes in the forest legislation and the EGAIS, and we invite everyone interested in this topic to participate in a professional discussion, exchange opinions and address questions.

As before, we need the coordinated work of all structures involved in the forest sector. We need effective schemes of cooperation to develop forest resources, restore and reproduce green lands, and ensure the strict compliance with sectoral regulations.

I wish you all new meetings, contacts and discoveries that will help you see new opportunities for the implementation of projects aimed at the benefit of humans and nature.

President of Association of furniture
and woodworking enterprises of Russia

On behalf of the Association of furniture and woodworking enterprises of Russia, I welcome exhibitors, guests and organizers of the International specialized exhibition EXPOMEBEL-URAL in Ekaterinburg.

Russia's furniture industry, having gone through a profound technical re-equipment, mastering new technological methods, searching for reliable partners, investors, dealers, confidently keeps a significant share of the domestic market in today's challenging economic conditions.

The decline in the consumer demand creates new requirements such as the need for lower costs and higher productivity. One of the most important challenges faced by furniture makers is the import substitution.
Certain results in this field have already been outlined – these include specific types of paint and varnish products, components from aluminum, and transformation mechanisms. At the same time, upholstery decorative fabrics, front and fixing fittings, ecological types of paint and varnish materials have yet to be developed.

The comprehensive Event program of EXPOMEBEL-URAL designed for professionals of furniture and related sectors helps to increase the interest in this event and provides an opportunity to discuss and address important issues for the industry.

The qualifying round of the All-Russian competition for the National Award of the Year in the field of industrial furniture design "Russian Cabriole" and selection of candidates will help to define the best between exhibitors.

The Association of furniture and woodworking enterprises of Russia congratulates participants, guests and organizers of EXPOMEBEL-URAL on the opening of the exhibition, and wishes you great success at the exhibition and in achieving your set goals.

Minister of Industry and Science of the Sverdlovsk region

Dear participants and guests of the GRAND EXPO-URAL Specialized Exhibitions Week!

The forest complex plays an important role in the development of the Sverdlovsk region, and in this connection, the Government of the Sverdlovsk region pays special attention to this sector. The Sverdlovsk region has significant forest resources, forest lands in the Sverdlovsk region occupy 15.2 million hectares with a total timber stock of about 2.0 billion m3 - this is our absolute competitive advantage. The development of the industry also requires new, well-paid, highly-qualified jobs and very often this is the only chance for a revival of and a decent life in our forest settlements.

With the support of the head of the Sverdlovsk Region Evgeny Kuyvashev, local enterprises have been systematically included in federal support programs. In the current year, two investment projects in the field of forest development have already been included in the federal list. The Ministry of Industry and Science of the Sverdlovsk Region, for its part, will continue implementing measures to support the forestry complex.

We expect that the close cooperation of the Government of the Sverdlovsk region, specialized enterprises, industry associations and universities in the near future will ensure the effective development of the forest complex of the region. Such cooperation is facilitated, among other things, by GRAND EXPO-URAL Week of specialized exhibitions.

I sincerely wish participants, guests and organizers of exhibitions to have an effective and stable work, economic prosperity, reliable and honest partners!

Director of the Forestry Department of the Sverdlovsk Region

Dear exhibitors and guests of the exhibition!

I cordially welcome you as participants at the international specialized exhibition LESPROM-URAL Professional. Forestry employees conscientiously guard, multiply and control the rational use of our forest resources.

The total area of the national forest resources in the Sverdlovsk Region occupies 15.2 million hectares. 4.6 million hectares or 29.6% of the total area have been transferred for use for various purposes. The estimated cutting area is 24.1 million cubic meters of timber. In recent years, the development of the estimated cutting area has been in the range of 27%. On leased forest plots, the development of the amount established under lease contracts, accounts for 58%.

A topical problem the Sverdlovsk Region has been facing is the availability of reliable information on how many resources we have and in what condition they are. This information is necessary when we offer forest resources for use, define measures for the protection, maintenance and reproduction of forests, and determine the volume of income to receive from the use of forests on the territory of the region.

The main indicator of the quality and volume of forest reproduction is the introduction of young trees into the category of valuable wooded stands. Over 2009-2016, 203 thousand hectares of young trees were transferred into the category of valuable forest areas in the Sverdlovsk Region.
During that period, the reproduced forest area was equal to the clear-cutting area, which indicates that reforestation measures were effectively implemented.

The specialized exhibition LESPROM-URAL Professional gives an opportunity to the authorities and commercial organizations to find common ground and discuss the most important issues. We are given the chance for a constructive exchange of experience and knowledge in the field of forestry.

I wish a creative and productive atmosphere, substantial work, new business contacts and further fruitful cooperation to the participants and guests of the exhibition!

Director of the Sverdlovsk Regional  Business Support Foundation

Dear participants and guests to the GRAND EXPO-URAL specialized exhibitions!

It is important for our region that the specialized exhibition week takes place at the modern venue Ekaterinburg-Expo in Ekaterinburg.

Woodworking and machine-building are among the most developed industries in the Sverdlovsk region. Therefore we hope that the exhibition will result in signed contracts and cooperation agreements with companies from other regions and countries.

Together with Deutsche Messe, which is one of GRAND EXPO-URAL organizers and the world-known business event organizer, the Sverdlovsk Regional Business Support Foundation has organized the Matchmaking event involving companies from 12 countries. We invite all the businessmen looking for international partners from Austria, Germany, Italy, Scandinavian and other countries, to participate in this event on the 21st of September at 10.30 a.m.

I wish efficient work, a lot of discussions and certainly new customers to all participants and visitors.

To help you develop your business, the Sverdlovsk Regional Business Support Foundation is always ready to provide support in diverse fields: procuration of a loan, assistance in entry into foreign markets, the attraction of investments, educational programs and advice. You are always welcomed in our Foundation!

General director
OOO Deutsche Messe RUS

Dear exhibitors, guests and colleagues!

On behalf of Deutsche Messe RUS I welcome you at the International specialized exhibition of machinery, equipment and technologies for timber and woodworking industry «LESPROM-URAL Professional»!

«LESPROM-URAL Professional» is the largest and most important industry event, aimed primarily at the development of the timber and woodworking industry of the Ural region. The exhibition has proved itself as a successful platform where professionals conduct a fruitful dialogue with partners.

«LESPROM-URAL Professional» reaffirms its status as an international event. At this year's exhibition it traditionally presents a national pavilion of Germany, moreover, representatives of German science and the public will be involved in conferences, seminars and round tables to be held in the framework of the event program.

In conclusion, I would like to thank our partner, co-organizer of the exhibition, the Interregional exhibition company-Ural whose team shows a high level of professionalism.

I wish the participants and guests of «LESPROM-URAL Professional» exhibition successful productive work, positive communication and beneficial contracts!

Vice-President of the Union of timber manufactures and exporters of Russia,
General director of OJSC Centerlesexpo

Dear participants and guests,

On behalf of the Union of timber manufacturers and exporters of Russia and the Centerlesexpo company, I am glad to welcome you at the exhibitions LESPROM-URAL Professional and EXPOMEBEL-URAL.

The timber processing complex is one of fundamental sectors of the Russian economy providing practically all other economy sectors with its products. Russia possesses world’s largest timber resources, but despite such a high potential, the timber industry and real forest management performance, as well as manufacturing and domestic consumption of basic timber and paper products have not been complying with the efficient forestry and timber-processing industry’s standards in recent years. Russian timber processing enterprises require latest technologies, state-of-the-art equipment and high-tech machines since the equipment that has been currently used is considerably rundown and needs to be upgraded. One of the most topical issues of 2017, announced as the Year of the Environment in Russia, is the ecological safety.

The furniture industry is the most important sector of the Russian timber processing industry, and year after years it has been seeing only positive changes. Domestic products have gained a significant part of Russia’s furniture market, they are highly appreciated by consumers and have an increasing export potential.

These exhibitions in Ekaterinburg enable visitors to stay updated on new trends of the woodworking and furniture industries. They facilitate signing advantageous contracts and successful promotion of Russian products, as well as contribute to a higher reputation of domestic producers. The positive effect LESPROM-URAL Professional has on the development of the timber processing complex is quite important as well. It spreads over the logging and wood-board industries, and partly the pulp and paper sector.

There is no doubt that LESPROM-URAL Professional and EXPOMEBEL-URAL provide their exhibitors with a real opportunity to demonstrate their potential, find new customers and strengthen business contacts with Russian and international manufacturers and trading companies. I wish successful business and well-being to all participants, organizers and guests.

Acting Rector of the Ural State Forest Engineering University
President of the Ural Union of Timber Manufacturers

Dear colleagues!

On behalf of the Ural State Forestry University, and the Ural Union of Timber Manufacturers, I congratulate participants and guests on the opening of the international exhibition LESPROM-URAL Professional!

Professional cooperation of Russian and foreign companies in the logging and woodworking industries is characterized by a high level of mutual trust and constructive interaction. We are facing new opportunities aimed at modernizing and enhancing the competitiveness of forestry enterprises. Within the framework of the Euro-Asian Forestry Forum and the International Woodworking Symposium, we have the opportunity to share scientific developments in the forestry sector, discuss topical issues and establish close cooperation.

I am confident that this exhibition will be an interesting and useful event for professionals who will be able to find new ideas and technical solutions here.

I wish all participants and organizers of the exhibition to successfully implement the set plans, get creative and professional successes and achievements, and establish new business contacts!

President of the Association of Ural Furniture Makers
Dear furniture makers!

On behalf of the Association of Ural Furniture Makers, I welcome all the guests and participants of the international specialized exhibition EXPOMEBEL-URAL 2017!

Furniture production is one of the most demanded industries in the Ural region, affecting the well-being and comfortable living of the Urals inhabitants, as well as providing a considerable number of jobs for them.

To date, the Ural furniture makers are successfully modernizing their production facilities - the equipment is being replaced at the enterprises, modern technologies are being introduced, the design, quality and comfort of the furniture are being updated. Accordingly, the furniture manufacturers, following the market trends, should change the concept of organization and production, tactics of recruitment and personnel training, and improve ways to promote their products to the market.
These goals are served by the international exhibition EXPOMEBEL-URAL 2017. The format of the exhibition allows representatives of furniture companies, manufacturers of equipment, components, furniture, and furniture sellers to exchange experiences and determine the further business interaction mechanism and the direction for development.

 I hope this event will bring success to all exhibitors and visitors of the exhibition. I wish fruitful work and cooperation to all participants!

General director
Interregional exhibition company-Ural

Dear colleagues, partners, friends!
Interregional Exhibition Company-Ural welcomes you in Ekaterinburg, at the GRAND EXPO-URAL Week!

I am delighted that you, dear exhibitors and professional visitors, have chosen Ekaterinburg as a platform to showcase your achievements, promote latest technologies and products which you have been improving every year.

The international specialized exhibitions LESPROM-URAL Professional, EXPOMEBEL-URAL, AQUAPROM-URAL and UTILIZATION are a great place for a full-scale demonstration of all your successes and achievements.

We thank you for your considerable support in the organization of the Event program and for your enthusiastic participation in professional discussions, seminars, conferences, professional competitions, championships and contests during the exhibitions.

We are honored to be your business partner, to help you promote your ideas and to facilitate their implementation.

Our 2017 Event program will make your 4-day stay in the capital city of the Ural region efficient and event-packed as you will be busy interacting with your Russian and foreign business colleagues and multiple potential clients.

I wish you all successful and rewarding work, useful contacts, new business achievements and success in reaching your goals.

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